Massage services are available

Massage services are available


As you may have noticed in the previous blog post, we've been preparing you for a lot of news to come to us or, most importantly, to you. We are happy that we can finally present it to the public.

Massage services

The one who looked at the site in detail certainly noted that some of the information on the Massage services was on some sites. From now on, you can order a massages at Studio. We had a lot of work to do, so we had to make a smaller part of the first floor above the studio in order to have room for the massage service. We are glad that we have arranged the space so that the masseur will always have plenty of room for servicing the customers.

Shop with cupons

We would like to remind you that there is a store on the new website for hairdressing coupons that you can already buy. Coupons are a good gift for everyone. Soon we will add other types of coupons for other services, be on prepare!

This is one of the upcoming news, and we hope to surprise you with even more of the other events that our entire team is going to do.

For Studio Professional Care,
Filip Kopáček.

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Filip Kopáček / Owner

Creative, young, and especially hairdresser, the man who invented and realized the whole project of the Professional Care Studio with the help of a friend and family. From young in interest with hairs, he is an expert with many years of experience in hairdressing services. Everywhere somewhere she flies for training.

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