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About studio


The owner Filip Kopáček has been thinking about establishing his own studio for a long time, the first idea of the Studio Professional Care however came up early in 2017 when he communicate with his family to get along invent important Studio details. Construction began right from the start, just after that evening Filip began looking for a suitable place for the studio, the main concern was the convenience of customers, especially the proximity to the bulk transport. He chose the Metro station C - Kačerov and the adjacent house, which he started to reconstruct. Everything went well and on the first of September 2017 we opened a hairdresser with a manicure and pedicure.

After founding

Since its establishment, there has been a great deal of interest in other services, which we have considered and gradually opened others, such as very popular cosmetics, managed by Mrs. Gábina. We are and are constantly improving the studio so that customers still like it, especially the atmosphere of the studio, which at the opening was "too clean", so we filled the studio with various flowers that look cozy.


We are satisfied with the state of our studio as well as our customers. We are still preparing new things and services (coming soon!) And we try to improve everything as much as we can. We strive for various new events that will certainly appeal to all customers. We try to modernize everything, just like this new website.