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New website

Matěj Cajthaml


A few words to get started

It's here again, after nearly a year and a half, Studio Professional Care has a new, better, and simply amazing website. This time we did not underestimate the preparation and thought every corner of the site so that it was pleasant for each customer. We have made a new website from the ground up, there are a lot of new and well-known features that will make your website easier to navigate. The new nice design now blends in with the overall identity of the studio.


The new website was our first priority, a lot of potential customers came to the site, and the old website didn't work well, it contained bugs that might not have been noticed by the customer, but caused some unpleasant moments. The new website solves all the old problems and improves all functions in various ways.


The features are many, and mentioning them here is beyond our capabilities. We are most proud of the offline mode. When you first visit the website, the website is saved in your browser, and the next time you visit without the Internet, downloaded pages with possibly old data are used, but this feature is very useful for a quick view of where exactly it is or if we are open at that time. The website is also very fast, using only modern technologies that allowed us to download the website only once and, depending on the data it receives from the server, to display various information, without any great burden on the speed of the Internet.


Yes! The new website also includes a very popular booking system, just a a little - much customized according to what customers didn't like. The reservation system is designed so that everybody is able to create a reservation without any effort. It contains simple steps that clearly describe what is expected of the customer at this stage. Booking is much faster and therefore takes no more than 5 minutes. We have also added the option to securely store your data in your browser for the next booking, so you do not have to fill in your data several times a year.


We hope you like the new website as much as we do, we would be happy to evaluate our website and tell us what you would change in the anonymous form below this blog. This time, we will maintain the website regularly and try to improve it even more. If you want to read more technical parts of the site, you can visit the About website page. The whole website was created as a part of the graduation work, which you can read about on the mentioned page.

New website

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