The new website has been published

The new website has been published

Hi, my name is Matthew Cajthaml.

I am the person who created this site and also the owner of the Navarru.cz group.Navarru has been commissioned by the Studio Professional Care to create this new site you are currently in. The main task was to make the new web clear and fast. Personally, I think everything has succeeded. The new site has a lot of new scraps that the old website did not have. For example, a clear service that you can expect from a service or a brand new shop. The web is also faster and more modern.

Store / Shop

As I mentioned earlier, there is a store on the new site. In the shop you can buy vouchers especially for hairdressing services that you can give anyone - just send or print (even with design) the voucher number. Then you just have to put it in a hairdresser where they activate it and you do not have to pay anything. The shop is still in the testing phase, and all features may not work as required if you encounter an error, please feel free to contact us through the contact form.


The hairdresser, at the current stage, has four types of services - hairdressing, cosmetic, manicure and pedicure. For each of the services listed above, you can find detailed information on what you can expect from the service in the Services / Pricelist section of the website.

I'm glad you read this first blog, and I hope you're happy with the web just like me and Studio Professional Care. Remember that if you have any idea of how to improve your site or simply miss something, you can write to us via our contact form.

Millions of people long for immortality, yet they do not know what to do when they are raining on Sunday afternoon.

Matěj Cajthaml

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Matěj Cajthaml / IT

Manager of web, owner of Navarru group.

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