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Skin cleansing by ultrasonic spatula

Description of service

Ultra sound spatula removes dirt, releases clogged pores and comedones. This method is far more gentle and less traumatic to the skin than overall mechanical cleaning. The procedure involves cleansing, softening the skin with a disinfectant solution, ultrasonic spatula cleaning, calming serum, final cream. For this treatment, it is possible to apply a final mask according to skin condition for pore removal for long-term effects at an additional fee of 90 CZK.

Avarage time of service

around 1 hour

Service price in packages

CZK 430

Care, that you deserve

Whenever you come to us, you will receive a free professionally brewed coffee or (cold) soft drink from us. You can choose from many kinds of drinks, from sweet lemonade to lemon water. Most of the bottles are returned to the supplier, we are trying to save our planet, which we highly respect.

Even kids will get a small surprise from us, but for the baby to be pleased, everything that he need to know will be told in the studio.

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